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Curated by ITF - Issue 34

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Copy Your Clothes Skills Kit

Ever had one of those garments that you’ve loved–quite literally–to death? Week in, week out. Rinse and repeat for years.

Or maybe there’s a garment you absolutely adore–or at least you would adore it–if it wasn’t for that ONE. ANNOYING. THING that makes it unbearable to wear.

Whatever it is, there’s nothing quite like the disappointment of realising you just can’t wear it any longer. 

Except… what if you could? 

What if you had the skills to copy the clothes you love so you can wear them forevermore? Or what if you knew how to take the bits you love, and change the bits you don’t?

The Copy Your Clothes Skills Kit teaches you how to create patterns from your existing wardrobe. 

Part One of our latest sewing series, this resource starts with the basics, covering the exact tools and techniques required (and how to use them), and then walks you through garment tutorials of increasing complexity - a basic T-shirt, a button-up shirt and pants - to show you how to apply them.

And the best part? You don’t have to pull the garment apart to copy it!

If you’re keen to add more patternmaking skills to your sewing repertoire (or make a start), this is the project for you.

Skills covered in this Kit

  • How to use a French curve
  • Checking & truing patterns
  • Change the amount of ease in a sleeve cap
  • Adding seam allowance
  • Marking notches
  • Truing darts
  • Adding pattern markings
  • Drafting additional pieces, such as button plackets, slash pockets, straight waistbands, in-seam pockets, patch pockets, sleeve cuffs, neck ribbing etc.
  • Making a toile and sewing your designs

Specific tutorials include copying: 

  • A basic T-shirt
  • A button-up shirt
  • Pants
  • Garments with darts, tucks and/or gathers.

Skills library

When designing this resource, it was our goal that over time you could build up a Skills Library that can be stored on your computer or in your sewing space, for you to access whenever you need. This provides a more holistic view of skill-building. With each Curated by ITF project, we will provide you with new resources that you can add to your Skills Library.

Mighty Networks group

By purchasing this issue you will gain access to the extra resources we shared in our online community when we released the project. This means that you will be able to ask questions, share your makes and connect with other makers who are also on a mission to learn new skills and sew clothing in a slow and conscious way. 


As the process of copying a garment is probably new to most sewists, we’ve started with a basic garment to give you an overview of the process from beginning to end and allow you to familiarise yourself with the skills required. We then introduce a new technique in each of the following tutorials so you can gradually build your skills towards being able to copy any garment in your wardrobe. Whatever your skill level, this is a resource that will help you build on the sewing skills you already have.

Digital product details

The Copy Your Clothes Skills Kit: 112 of patternmaking tutorials and content. The booklet is suitable for printing on both A4 and US letter sized paper, or can be viewed onscreen using a PDF viewer.

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If you have any questions please see our FAQ and Digital Product Policy.

The Copy Your Clothes Skills Kit is not currently available as a standalone product and is only available for purchase to current members of Curated by ITF. It will be released as a standalone product in 2024.

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