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Colour Analysis Skills Kit

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Ever spent hours of sweat and tears (and even sometimes a bit of bloodshed!), only to find something’s not quite right about the shirt you’ve just made. #sewdisappointing

You work your way through the checklist…
It’s not the style. You love it!
You’ve nailed the fit.
The finishing details? Totally on point.

So what’s the problem??

Alongside fit and finish, the fabric we choose for a garment is one of the things that can lead to us wearing a garment all the time or not at all. But it’s not just the type of textile that’s important. It’s the colour too!

Project details

With the help of Colour Image Consultant, Nina Smith, and our Colour Analysis Skills Kit you can explore the world of colour and have fun curating a wardrobe full of clothes in a colour palette you love and feel confident in.

This resource will help you understand why colours can make you feel confident and put together, or uncomfortable and self-conscious. You’ll gain insight into the colours you love to wear, and the colours you feel great in. And, when you work through our guided process you’ll create a colour palette you can take with you when you’re shopping for fabric or garments, so you can confidently #addtocart.

Add another level of thought and intention to the process of creating a sustainable wardrobe, leading to less waste. The right outcome for both the environment and our back pocket!

Please note: This listing is for a digital resource only. 

What you'll learn 

Here's what's covered in the Colour Analysis Skills Kit:

  • The history of Personal Colour Analysis
  • The benefits and limitations of Personal Colour Analysis
  • Why it’s becoming popular again
  • Colour theory and perception
  • Personal Colour Analysis colour categories
  • What happens in a Colour Consultation
  • How to prepare for and conduct a colour analysis on yourself
  • Pre-analysis exercises
  • What to do once you’ve found your ‘ideal’ colour palette.


This resource has been designed for complete beginners and beyond. For most people, Personal Colour Analysis will be a new skill, but this resource holds your hand every step of the way and includes a number of exercises to you on your way.

Digital product details

The Colour Analysis Skill Kit: 58 pages of guidance and exercises. The booklet is suitable for printing on both A4 and US letter sized paper, or can be viewed onscreen using a PDF viewer. Please keep in mind that different screens may show colour differently and  when printing on a home printer the colours may vary.

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